2019: A year of recovery +24%

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The portfolio lost 11.79% and closed the year with a 24.16% gain.

Articles posted on Seeking Alpha During the Quarter

We published 15 articles this quarter. Seeking Alpha has a new payment wall, you can read the articles for free within the first 24 hours. Therefore, I suggest you follow me on Seeking Alpha. If you would like to read a previous article, reach out to me at info@redfoxcapital.net.

  1. Oct 13: Gulfport Energy: A Bargain, Low-Cost Natural Gas Producer

Best Contributor of 4Q19

The top three contributors were SORL, GPOR and CPLG. During the quarter, SORL was taken private at $4.72.

Worst Contributor of 4Q19

The worst performer was BXC due to delays in capturing synergies. Read here for more details.

Top Value Fund & Financial Blogger

Our portfolio manager ranks among the top 7% financial bloggers on TipRanks and ranks top 5 Value Fund on SumZero.

A good way to understand our investment philosophy is to read the investment ideas posted on Seeking Alpha.

Stock Investing Masterclass

A couple of months ago while having lunch with a friend, he wanted to learn about investing and I shared with him the notes that I have been keeping for myself over the past 15 years. He liked them so much and eventually convinced me to turn them into an online course. I tried to simplify the course and keep it under 3 hours. The resulting course is 26 lectures and exactly 3 hours long. Here is the promo video. If you are interested, use the coupon MASTER999 or click here to get the discounted price of $9.99.

Why us?

We cannot promise you results. But we can guarantee that your financial fortunes will move in lockstep with ours for whatever period of time you elect to be our client. We want to make money only when our clients do. Moreover, when we do something stupid, we want you to be able to find some consolation in that our financial suffering is proportional to yours. That is why we only charge a variable fee and have no fixed management fees.